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About us

Classic Automotives is raising the standard of used car retailing!

We care about our customers and are always bringing the highest standard in the car dealing industry. All of our vehicles must meet our strict qualifications before being listed online.

 — MIKEY DIOKLES, President of Classic Automotives


Here are some of our main goals, perks and guarantees that differ us from other car retailers!

  • 10 Days Money Back guarantee on all vehicles
  • All vehicles are inspected and serviced
  • 1000+ offers on site, trusted by a community.
  • Guaranteed lien-free vehicles
  • 30-day dealer warranty


Most of the listed vehicles are on consignment. However, we directly own a part of the listed inventory. We try to find the best possible prices and sell directly to the public, with no middlemen or brokers. We find this to be very efficient in offering our customers with the affordable prices.

We offer shipping services. We have a logistics department at our hands to dispatch cars to. We deal with drivers directly, which allows for more affordable, faster and safer transport of your vehicle. Free delivery within the U.S. is included with most of our listings.

NO. Most of the vehicles are fully restored. We do however have vehicles that have been kept in its original state by their owners. We try to keep a wide variety ranging from restored to originals and projects.

We purchase cars daily. If you are interested in selling your vehicle please email us detailed pictures of your vehicle as well as its history and asking price. One of our representatives will get back to you shortly with a deal or offer. Keep in mind, even if we are not able to purchase your vehicle – we can list it on consignment!

At the moment we are accepting bank wire transfers. It is our preferred payment method as it excludes any potential delays with your order.

YES. We do take on consignments as well as the possibility to sell your vehicle directly to us. We use the same strategy and marketing tools for consignment listings as we do for our own vehicles.



Eli Stone
Chief Executive Officer
Gesche Gerhardt
President of Finance
Fran Garcia
Executive Vice President
Philipp Buckley
Sales Manager